Back to It!

Well folks, it been a while since I’ve done a lot of deal shopping using coupons and sales, and I’ve missed it. It is easier to not have to follow sales and coupons, but it costs you more money! I can’t save on all things I buy but there are a few in particular that you can save big on….for instance, cereal and paper products.

My family loves cereal, and we go through a lot of it since there are 5 of us eating it everyday for breakfast. I also hate buying nasty cereal…sugar filled and no nutrition. So, when I find a deal, I jump on it. I was able to get Kashi for about $2 a box, by using $1 coupons from Giant Eagle has them on sale this week 2 for $6. Walmart’s normal price is around $3 as well, so either place is pretty good. I also found some great regular priced good cereals at Marc’s in Canton. LOTS of great coupons for cereal right now to print from

Today I hit the jackpot on storage bags at Walmart. Spotted a deal today I thought I’d share. The Holiday print Ziploc stuff is on major clearance at my Walmart, in New Philadelphia, OH. They weren’t back in the clearance Christmas section, just on a shelf close to the normal paper products. No sign or anything indicated that they were on sale, but I did a price check and they’re $0.56 a box!! Came home and realized it could be an even sweeter deal with the printable coupon on right now for $1.00 off any 2 ziploc brand bags. Going to have to go back tonight and get a few more for 6 cents a box!

I will try to share really good deals as I find them. I need to start getting the newspaper again, and build up my coupon supply. Its a little less enticing to go shopping for deals here since the temperature is so cold! Today we are sitting at 26 degrees!!!


“I need you!!!!”

As a parent of young children, I hear the words, “I NEED you!” many, many times a day. And if I’m honest and open, which I strive to do and share with others, by the end of the day, I tend to get very annoyed. The kids are now 7, 4, and 2, and I hear those words the most from the 4 & 2 year old. I find myself constantly telling them that they don’t need my help, or they can do it on their own, or mommy needs to do something else. They depend on me to be there for them, and trust that I will be no matter what. And I am.

As I was getting ready today, thinking about what has happened over the course of the last week, along with my entire journey as a parent, I started thinking about the future, when my young children will not be so young. Its easy to think about how much “easier” life will be, wishing for those times when the kids can get their own breakfast, pick out clothes and dress themselves, and in general, get themselves going and keep themselves going. 🙂

We dropped off Dylan at school this morning, just the same as the last 2 days, and as he was walking away, I realized how little he needs me. He didn’t look back. He didn’t pause. You see, He didn’t need us to walk him into school, or help him get to his class. He didn’t need us to show him where to go. He doesn’t need to have me right by his side. He is growing up. And NEEDING me much less.

So fast forward to the teen years….and I get tears in my eyes. Realizing that I will probably LONG for someone to need me. Will be wishing for times that they will cuddle up with me on the couch. Or want me to get them their breakfast, need me to do something for them, need me just for some attention.  And then I will want it all back. I will want them.

So rewind to the present, and I realize that these times are few and should be cherished. That I should enjoy all the craziness and constant need for my attention, and bask in the fact that I have been given the gift of being a parent.Because it is a gift. To be needed by someone each and every day.

Because if I invest in it now, they are going to WANT to spend time with me when they are older. And that’s the best possible gift that anyone could get.


Well folks, its been almost a month since I left the sunshine state. Can’t believe it. What a month it has been. God has shown me over and over that he is willing to bless, if we will trust. In the past month, we’ve made some awesome new friends, spent time with family, and had a lot of laughs. If you know me well, I can usually handle thing okay on the outside, but struggle on the inside. I revert back to that girl in high school who is insecure about everything, from how I look to how I talk, to who i’m surrounded by. BUT, multiply that by the 3x to include my kids, and you’ve got a lot going on inside my little head. Learning (with the help of my amazing hubby) that my attitude has a lot to do with how my life goes. Learning that if I expect the best, instead of the worst, things are a lot easier. Need to find my confidence in my Creator, not in my surroundings 🙂

School starts this week for Dylan. Had everything taken care of for his registration, and in a weeks time, we made the decision on a house to buy and the plans all changed. Realized that our new house will be zoned for a different school, so we made the decision to start Dylan in that new school. Really excited for him to start here and stay here. He’s been in a different school each of the last 3 years~what a trooper. He might tell you he doesn’t want to go back to school, but I actually think he is really excited!

Kayla is starting preschool for the first time ever. Will be weird having my baby girl gone from me, since she has hardly ever been away from me!!! I told her I was going to miss her while she’s at preschool, she says, “Its okay mom, you can take me to school and then you’ll pick me up. It will be ok!” Love that girl.

Tyler is, well, Tyler. Spunky, crazy, fun loving and ALWAYS moving! Love that kid. He is so smart and talkative for such a young little guy. Can’t believe he will be 3 at the end of the year. Time sure flies!!

We just signed a contract on a house. We’re so excited at what God has provided for us! After looking at 5 houses on a Sunday evening and 1 more house on a Tuesday, we found our house. More than I could’ve ever dreamed of having, its a perfect fit for our family. 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms total, and a finished basement. Its got an AWESOME kitchen too which delights me! I love to cook and entertain, and I am so excited to have the space to do it in. Can’t wait to make it our home. So very excited to know we can stay in one place for a while!

Well, that’s all for now! Can’t wait to meet more new people and develop new friendships. Its been such a treat to have our family around again, and spend time with them. Get to go to Derek’s best friend’s wedding next weekend, where Derek will be the best man, and Dylan and Kayla will be in it too. Can’t wait to post some pics!

Let it go…

You know how you think you have to figure it all out, and then realize that if you let it go, you don’t have to anymore? Well, I believe its the biggest lesson that God has been trying to teach me. I have a tendency to hold on to things really tightly. Like there’s this pressure to handle everything, and be the handler or solution to every problem/situation. Well, the reality is, God is the one in control, and he is just waiting for me to hand it all over to him. I don’t have to have all the answers or figure it all out. What a relief! Now, if i can make that my first thought instead of my last step, I will rest a lot easier. Thank you Lord for your patience with me. I’m very much a work-in-progress

In limbo

Today I am in limbo. Not sure where I belong or what i should be doing. I don’t really know if emotionally I should be feeling really excited or really sad. My two worlds that have existed separately over the past 4 years seem to now be colliding. I am leaving a place that once was completely foreign and full of strangers but has become my whole world filled with friends who have become family. People who have shaped this child of God, mama, and wife. I have “grown up” here in the past four years. Learned who I really am and who God has created me to be.

I am going to a place that I once called home, but now seems foreign down to the climate and the whereabouts and how things are. all seems new again but should seem familiar. So excited about the new ministry that we are embarking on. It’s a whole new start in a state that I will “once agAin” call home. But somehow I am still scared. Of finding my place again, fitting I’m again, and not questioning all those things about myself that I have always struggled with. Figuring out how to balance my little family, with my big family and my new start in derek’s ministry. I am spending my last 48 hours in a crazy mix of ending one chapter and beginning another, looking at a house that is completely empty and wondering how this all happened this quickly.
I am in a place where never in my life have I seen the hand of God so clearly….especially in the details. I’ve never felt so blessed beyond measure and so secure in what God has planned for Derek and I.
Just tough to know where you sit. I guess it’s on a fence with your feet touching on the ground on both sides. Or a place where both sides have green grass. Thankful to be leaving a place that I love and going to a place where I know already that there are so many who love us.
Just still hard to know how to feel. I love all of you no matter what my address reads, what roads I drive on, and where my feet hit the dirt. Because the reality is, this earth is temporary, and we have a future in store for us…..beyond what we can imagine when one day we meet our creator. He has changed the place we live, but our purpose is the same.
To serve HIM.
Thank you God for never changing.

Big News!!

We are so excited about the next chapter of our life that God has led us to! Beginning August 1st, Derek will be starting a new job as the Director of Creative Arts at NewPointe Community Church in Dover, Ohio!  We are feeling beyond blessed at how God has been working in our lives and the journey he has taken us on to get to this place.

We are leaving a place that we absolutely love, both in ministry and in the friends who have become family to us. God has grown Derek and I in our marriage here, truly helping us learn what it means to serve him together.

He has grown us as parents. When we moved here, we came with Dylan who was 3 and Kayla who was only 3 months old. We leave here with Dylan at age 7, Kayla at age 4 and little Tyler, already 2 and a 1/2!!!  We stand amazed at how much God has blessed us as a family and how we have grown together. Dylan is getting baptized next weekend and we are so excited that he has decided to follow Jesus with his life. What an amazing thing to experience as a parent.
We truly never dreamed that God would take us back to Ohio, and are overwhelmed with the peace he has given us to take this step. We can’t wait to see what God has in store as we follow the path he has laid out for us. We are humbled to know that He wants to use our family and Derek’s gifts and talents to further His work at NewPointe.
So to our Florida family, you mean so much to us and have become family to us in a place where we have no blood relatives! We have so very much enjoyed all of the time we have spent with you and the experiences and growth we have been through with you all! May God richly bless you for everything you have meant to Derek and I along with Dylan, Kayla, and Tyler!
To our Ohio family and soon to be NewPointe family, we are beyond excited to start a new journey with you! My prayer a few months ago was, “God, use me for your glory!” I never knew what that was going to mean, and now I know where He is leading us and can’t wait!!!
Your prayers are appreciated for our move, and the finding of a house VERY quickly. Packing is about 1/2 way done, and details still need to fall into place, so please lift us up as we continue this journey!