Being Resourceful in the Little Things.

Over the years, I’ve learned that its the little things that make life more exciting. Its the little things that mean a lot to people. And its the little things that take a “little” more time and thought to make special. But people appreciate those little things so much.

Being in ministry, making the choice to be a stay-at-home mom, and being blessed with 3 children, we have always had to be careful with the money God has blessed us with. For me, its made me become more creative. I’m able to do special things for people, without spending a lot of money. Take the things you have, more of your time than your money, and invest in things you do for your friends and family.

Just recently I was invited to a baby shower for a friend of ours, who is having their first child. His name is Beckett. For her shower, I was asked to make a dessert. Well, I LOVE cutouts, so I decided to do those, in the theme of their nursery, which was sailboats. I visited our local favorite resource, Walnut Creek Cheese, and was able to find a cookie cutter that was fitting. This is also a great place to get EVERYTHING you need to stock your pantry (and maybe an ice cream cone while you’re there!).

I made my favorite recipe for cutouts called “Thick, Soft Sugar Cookies”, which are always a hit. The key is the sour cream in the recipe which makes them stay soft. Here is a link to the recipe from Peppermint Plum: Thick Soft Sugar Cookies. A gracious friend of mine, Julie, offered to help me ice the cookies. I don’t know if we knew what we were getting into!! Icing the cookies took us about 3 hours, but they came out great! We did 50 cookies this way, which as you can imagine, was lots of work!! All worth it!


The finished product.

In addition to the cookies, I offered to make the card for the shower. A group of my friends put our money together to get them their shower gift. So I went to work with all my scrapbooking supplies, and made their card. She was so overjoyed, and thankful for the card. You’ll see here the outside of the envelop and the card. So fun to make, very little time, a lot of impact.




So remember, its the little things that make a big difference. Take time to plan out what you’re going to do, and take your time doing it. Everything in life doesn’t have to be quick and easy. When it’s made with love, it goes a long way!!!


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