Haven’t written on here in a while, but today I was thinking about something and felt it was post-worthy to share.

Let’s face it, we’re bombarded with stuff. When I say stuff, I mean stuff in the form of social media. It is an amazing thing, and I am thankful daily for it. It has allowed me to more easily stay in touch with people, since Derek and I moved away from our life in Ohio 4.5 years ago, leaving family and friends, and now we’ve moved back to Ohio, and left behind family and friends there. So I am thankful for it.

BUT, and that’s a BIG but, it has lead me to discover that social media leads to wishing. Let me explain. I have accounts on the main (or I think they are) social media sites of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I find myself spending HOURS on these sites throughout my week. Yet, I say I have no time to read, or I’m too busy to do other things. Yeah right 🙂

What I’ve discovered is that I find myself being jealous, coveting, or wishing.

Here’s an example. I was on Pinterest this morning, as I have seen several other times, all kinds of ideas. About pregnancy photos, which I didn’t do with any of my three kids. Wedding dresses, which I only shopped for in one store. Blog posts, which I fail to do. Wedding photos ideas, which I never planned out. Meals that I haven’t made. Activities that I haven’t done with my kids. Beautifully decorated and furnished homes. Stylish outfits, which I have no idea/money to do. Beautiful hairstyles that I can’t re-create.

On Twitter, I daily see all kinds of activities, events, places, people to hang out with, that I’m not a part of.

On Facebook I witness friendships and conversations, that maybe I’m not a part of.

And then I find myself wishing. WISHING I was a part of this, or I had done that, or had documented something beautifully, or went there.

Don’t let yourself wish. You’ll wish away all the AMAZING things that have happened in your life. You’ll wish away the amazing time that you have with your children, even when that means sleepless nights, and interruptions. You’ll forget the amazing relationships that you do have. You’ll forget what’s important. And you’ll miss all the AWESOME people and situations that GOD has placed in YOUR life.

So live your life for YOU and your family. Don’t live it so that you can post about it, document it in a perfect picture, and show everyone else. Because we all have a story to tell. And its perfect all because its your OWN.


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