Back to It!

Well folks, it been a while since I’ve done a lot of deal shopping using coupons and sales, and I’ve missed it. It is easier to not have to follow sales and coupons, but it costs you more money! I can’t save on all things I buy but there are a few in particular that you can save big on….for instance, cereal and paper products.

My family loves cereal, and we go through a lot of it since there are 5 of us eating it everyday for breakfast. I also hate buying nasty cereal…sugar filled and no nutrition. So, when I find a deal, I jump on it. I was able to get Kashi for about $2 a box, by using $1 coupons from Giant Eagle has them on sale this week 2 for $6. Walmart’s normal price is around $3 as well, so either place is pretty good. I also found some great regular priced good cereals at Marc’s in Canton. LOTS of great coupons for cereal right now to print from

Today I hit the jackpot on storage bags at Walmart. Spotted a deal today I thought I’d share. The Holiday print Ziploc stuff is on major clearance at my Walmart, in New Philadelphia, OH. They weren’t back in the clearance Christmas section, just on a shelf close to the normal paper products. No sign or anything indicated that they were on sale, but I did a price check and they’re $0.56 a box!! Came home and realized it could be an even sweeter deal with the printable coupon on right now for $1.00 off any 2 ziploc brand bags. Going to have to go back tonight and get a few more for 6 cents a box!

I will try to share really good deals as I find them. I need to start getting the newspaper again, and build up my coupon supply. Its a little less enticing to go shopping for deals here since the temperature is so cold! Today we are sitting at 26 degrees!!!

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