So excited about the things that God has been revealing to me in my own life. I’m in the midst of 2 studies right now, one on the Book of Revelation with Beth Moore, and The book, “The Pursuit of Holiness”. Its been so easy to have God as a PART of my life, for MOST of my life. Realized recently that I made the decision to follow Christ almost 22 years ago. CRAZY. And I realized how LITTLE I’ve done with it or shared it with others. These two studies have really put things into perspective for me for where my focus should be. My pursuit to be more like Christ and desire to listen to him is growing more each day. If my life doesn’t eximplfy the fruit of the Spirit, how are others going to know that I follow Christ? If I’ve lost my first love, and I’m not showing unconditional love to others, how can people see who Jesus is? There’s a lot running around in my head right now, but I thought I’d put a few things down on paper….

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