I really don’t think that word could express how proud I was of Derek this last weekend. I’ve said before how dedicated he has been to running, and to me, its truly amazing. He works pretty long hours sometimes (like last Thursday when he literally worked 23 hours), but stays dedicated to getting up early to run. He ran his first Marathon, the Gasparilla, this past Sunday, February 28th. He had a goal he wanted to reach time-wise, and didn’t reach that goal, but your first Marathon?! Isn’t that enough of a goal?!

What I’ve learned is that it takes dedication. And support.

It was so amazing to see him get to the end. Dylan ran out and finished the last 50 yards with him, which was neat to see. I am so thankful for a husband who does everything with his whole heart, usually beyond 100%! What a blessing he is.

So congrats to Derek, you deserve it! Can’t wait to see you do another one!

I just hope one day, maybe I will get the strength, dedication, and determination that he has to run a race, even half that calibur.
Up next, he’d love to do a triatholon. So, should be fun to be a part of that too. I love you babe! You’re such an inspiration!

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