A wise man once said, the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. I’ve been looking for consistency in my life, and for things to get easier, but I’m realizing that its easier to just go with the flow, and not set specific expectations each day. It only leads to more frustration. I’m gonna start taking one day at a time, and enjoying the moments that it brings. I stress out too much making lofty goals for each day, and when I don’t accomplish them, I have a hard time. I set unrealistic expectations for myself, thinking I have to do certain things, and be certain things.

So, here’s to a new beginning. Thanks, Derek, for being such a loving support, and talking things through with me so many times in our life. You’re a special gift from God. Thank you God for providing this man in my life, and for my three beautiful, healthy children. You are an amazing creator.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Your post reminded me about an article I read (secular) the other day about the “blessings of an ordinary day.” I have been reminded of that lately, when the house is a mess, when the girls are arguing, when my sink is piled with dishes, I’ve changed what seems like million diapers and there’s always more laundry than I can get done. Nothing spectacular is going on, but nothing tragic either. In our very ordinary, sometimes boring, days we are still so blessed.

  2. Thanks Mary for your thoughts and willingness to share the struggles you have been going through. We need to get together sometime and talk! I just feel like no matter what I do at work it is never enough and after having a bad day on Friday (and i wasn’t even AT work) I am even wondering if they are going to ask that I change my schedule around. We’ll see what happens. I have had talks with Tom and basically if that were to happen I would just find somewhere else to work! šŸ™‚ So, I think I have to keep reminding myself that my family is way more important then any job. I do the best I can to keep myself on track but it is so hard. I feel like I am expected to do certain things at work and at home and it is really hard to balance it all. I feel like lately I can’t keep track of everything! There have been a few things recently that I have totally forgotten because I try to do too much! I guess I need to continue to put things into perspective. Thanks for letting me vent!!

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