Difficult Times

Whoever said being a parent was easy…must’ve been crazy. Oh wait, I don’t think anyone has ever said it was. Maybe I just thought it in my head all those mindless years of my youth. Stuggling really hard lately to keep it all together. Dealing with 3 completely diferent stages of children tends to drain the brain of much functioning power. A baby, who needs consistent basic needs met, a beautful growing 2 year old girl who is learning to express herself through words finally, and a 5 year old growing boy, who’s about to enter kindergarten, and is about as smart as a 10 year old. Quite the range of dynamics in my house. Top it off with trying to have a good relationship with my hubby too presents a daily struggle. One day I’ll look back and realize that there isn’t an easy solution to it all, and that I need to take it one day, one thing, one second at a time. And depend on God a lot more than I currently am. Kudos to all you parents out there. Its quite the task that God has given us. I just wonder what he’s thinking today on this Father’s day. Sure he’s probably dealing with a lot more than me!

One thought on “Difficult Times

  1. Much love to you friend!! Do you read Mandy Steward’s blog? She is refreshingly honest about her daily parenting struggles…it is completely rare that I cannot relate. When I was home all day with the boys there were days I just wanted to run out of the house crying….but now that I am working full time and Jeff is home I just miss them so much. (although now Jeff is the one wanting to run from the house…lol)

    God is definitely our only hope!!

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