Target grocery deals 4-24-09

Okay, so if you have a SuperTarget near you, and you’re not taking advantage of their store coupons, you’re REALLy missing out on some deals. Using and, you can print out their store coupons. Here’s some deals I got today, using coupons and watching for markdowns in the store:

I got bags of Mini Teddy Grahams, and animal crackers for $0.52 a bag (use the $1 off a 7.5 oz or larger Nabisco Snack coupon). You can also get the mini oreos, mini vanilla oreos, mini chips ahoy and mini nutter butters for the same price. There are other Nabisco snacks but these are the cheapest.

Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese – $1.50 a bag($1.00 off 2 bags)

Apples – FREE!!!!! ($1 off 1 lbs. or more of bulk apples) They were $0.99 a pound so just buy a pound at a time! (Sonya Variety)

Lemon pepper chicken – paid $1 for the package (marked down to $2 a package then I had a $1 off golden plump fresh chicken coupon)

I also got packs of chiken legs and chicken thighs for $1.99 a package for a 3.5 pound package. I’ve found that they mark down their meat on Friday mornings….and I happened to go today, which was Monday and they had them marked down too. So if you can go at these times, you’ll get some great deals. Watch the sell-by date, and just stock up and freeze the meat.

Just wanted you to see how cheap you can get stuff at SuperTarget. If you want more info…please ask. I love to share and Derek is SICK of hearing about all my deals!downsized_0427091221

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