Target Clothing Deals – 4-27-08


Kayla is growing like a weed and needed some new clothes. I REFUSE to just walk in a store and buy clothing full price…so I try to watch the clothes I like at Target and get them super cheap. Got some great deals lately on both clothes and shoes: in the picture are 2 pairs of shoes, each I got for $3.74 a pair (75% off) and three shirts, $2.00 a piece (50% off), a pair of jeans, $3.24 (75% off) and another shirt from the little girl’s section for $1.98 (75% off). All in all, I paid $18.70 out of pocket for $58.96 in clothes in shoes. I feel pretty accomplished 🙂

4 thoughts on “Target Clothing Deals – 4-27-08

  1. YAY she’s back to blogging! And Elle has the same blue shirt from my mom! Thanks for the call earlier- it’s “potty day” so I’m sure I was in the bathroom. I’m going to try to get over to Target later today! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. no problem. I’ll be in potty world soon. i need to start saving some money on diapers, so kayla’s coming soon. she knows how to go, we’ll just see how quickly it catches on! maybe kayla and elle can wear matching shirts sometime!

  3. Mary, I do the same thing at Target! I only shop their sale racks and I have gotten some shirts, jeans, and shoes for Kylan at those same prices. It’s awesome:)

  4. I love the clothing deals at Target too! My son wore a 2T last summer and now this summer wears a 4T so I definately loves to shop for their sales!

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