Good Day

Today was a good day…one of those days that you feel like you accomplished a lot. I spent some alone time with each of my 3 kids, and realized how much fun each of them is in their own way, and how much they cherish the time I spend with them. Now, this won’t happen everyday, but the schedules worked out good.

I kept the house mostly clean.
I folded 2 loads of laundry.
I didn’t shower…I know, its gross.
I went grocery shopping, and saved $35 in coupons. Amazing. I love SuperTarget. (ask me how if you’d like to know!)
I told my husband I love him. Several times.
I said goodbye to my wonderful friend Leslie, who is moving to Louisville. Good luck!
I sat in the sun and breeze with all 3 kids, and used up leftovers which = no cooking! Yay.
And that’s enough for 1 day. Now I’m gonna go spend some time with the hubby. And watch Idol.

Best day I’ve had in a VERY long time.


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