Mom of 3


Well, I never thought I say this, but, being a mom of 3 is the hardest thing I’ve done yet. Its been a month now, actually 4 weeks ago today, that I became mom to #3…Tyler. He’s such a sweetie. Very good-natured like my other 2 were, but I must admit, its been my biggest challenge. Trying to control my emotions when I’m having a lack of sleep is really difficult. I thought one was hard, then I had 2 and was like, what did I do with my time before?? Now that I have 3 (and I know this frustration is short-lived), I’m wondering what I was complaining about before!! I know God is my strength and that’s what gets me through every day. I’m trying not to be frustrated, but it seems like each day, I wake up …and all I do is feed Tyler, think about what to feed the kids for lunch, what to make for dinner, and try to actually spend some quality time with Dylan and Kayla. It broke my heart the other day when Dylan said, “no one ever plays with me. How come I never get any ‘mommy’ time”. Ah. That one hurt.

So bear with me in this time if I’m not on top of my game, if I don’t return your phone call, or if I just don’t seem myself. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not SuperMom, and I’m not gonna try to be. I ust want to be the best mom I can be, and that’s all I need to worry about. As they say, this too shall pass!


3 thoughts on “Mom of 3

  1. Oh I love you woman. I can’t imagine the third. I can’t even handle my two! Jace used to make comments like that when it felt like all I did was feed Elle too and it stings. Luckily (the Lord’s design) children are SOOOO resilient and it won’t affect them in the long run no matter how much we think it will. It’s only been a month!!! You have every right to not call people back, etc. (can I still use that excuse??? haha!) Supermoms are overrated and not even in existence. Anyone who thinks they are one needs to go to therapy (or else maybe their kids will one day!!!)!
    Well I need to go stop Jace from undressing Elle. Oiy. Lata’ lady!

  2. Mary – I once read in Parenting magazine “being a parent of small kids isn’t hard, provided you don’t try to do anything else at the same time.” It made me laugh and laugh. I will pray that it gets easier and you get into a good routine. I remember it took me one month to get used to Colin, and two months to get used to Lucy… maybe you just need three? God bless you, your family is BEAUTIFUL. I never call people back, it makes me feel better that other people don’t as well!

    • Darcie- Thanks for your kind words. It always helps to have friends who understand what you’re going through, even if there’s nothing they can do!! Yeah, i figure by month three, we’ll be pretty normal šŸ™‚ He slept really good last night. He’s going about 4 hours between feedings during the night. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t’ return phone calls. I always feel bad, but never change it. Oh well! There’s time to be normal later in life!!!!

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