Little Scare (Or Excitement!) Friday :)

Well, this last Friday I went for my usual appointment at the OB, and they said I was measuring small (have done this with Dylan and Kayla too!) as I’ve been measuring 34 for the last 3 weeks. So…..the doctor sent me to the hospital (yay) to get an ultrasound (biophysical profile for you nerds) and a Non-Stress Test. Well, I could’ve told you this would happen, but they made me go anyway, and if he wasn’t growing/thriving, or was in distress, I was going to be induced. So long story short, I went home and had to pack my bags, in the event we’d have to have the little guy that day. Sent the kids to my friend Vince and Amanda’s house, and headed to the hospital. Had all the testing done by like 3PM (had gotten there about 1:30. Proceeded to wait until 6:30 for the dang radiologist to read the ultrasound and see what to do. And what happened you ask?! They sent me home. Said the baby is fine, measuring right at 37 weeks, which was how far along I was, and was fine. Could’ve told you that! I think I have a secret hiding spot for my children inside my belly, that I just look small and measure small.

So, what’s the next steps you ask? Well, they told me to do a fetal movement count, where you pick his awake time of day, and make sure he’s moving at least 4 times in that hour. My husband looked at the nurse and goes, “are you serious? how about 4 times every minute.” I love my husband and his frankness 🙂

They did say I’m 2cm and 40% effaced, so he’s on his way relatively soon. And yes, I have to go back tomorrow, and have the same 2 tests done. Here we go again!

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