So I got accused the other day of not blogging in a month….from my wonderful friend, wink wink 🙂 But seriously, I don’t know what I’ve been doing, other than I am getting more pregnant by the day, going to way too many doctors appointments, went to Orlando for a weekend,  and went to Ohio for a little visit to see my grandpa who is not doing well. It was nice to see family, and I’m counting down the days till the little boy arrives….only about 7 weeks to go. Can’t believe it.

We’ve been looking at houses to move into, since our lease is up, but will probably stay where we’re at. We seem to like to move right around when our babies arrive…with Dylan, we bought our house and moved in when he was 2 weeks old…moved across the country (well really down) when Kayla was just 3 months. So maybe its good we’re probably staying put.

Doctor says I’m measuring small, which I did with both Dylan and Kayla, so I go for an ultrasound thursday to see what’s going on…so maybe I’ll have some new pics of the boy to post. Hope to take some belly shots this week too 🙂

Not much else to update you on other than a few quotes from Dylan this week:

  • Dylan decided to write out the entire alphabet, which he knows almost all the letters now, and got to the end and said “Now how do you write ‘next time’?” Derek couldn’t understand what Dylan meant, and finally i deciphered what he was asking….’next time won’t you sing with me’. Apparently he thought that was a part of the alphabet. 🙂
  • Dylan also informed me this week that he’s not getting married, that he’s going to live with us. He’ll drive the black and yellow bumblebee car, work at the church like daddy, and he’ll buy his own toys when he gets a job. BUT…he’ll still need me….I have to show him the way to get to Target, so he’s gonna follow me in his car. I just love how that kid’s brain works….

One thought on “UPdate!

    Thanks for the update. 😉
    I vote for you to stay put. See what that’s like this time around of having a baby.
    Love that Dylan kid. He’s a hoot.
    Missing you!

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