The letter “G”

So, each week at preschool for Dylan there is a letter of the week. He learned to write it upper and lower in his homework notebook, as well as cutting out pictures of things that start with the letter G. So, its a weekly project getting his homework done. Last night, he wanted to do the cutting and pasting part so we printed out Grover, Green Goblin, gecko, grapes and of course a Guitar!! Once he was done, it was bedtime, and we always sing and pray with him before bedtime. So he’s laying there, and I said, “Dylan, you know what else starts with G? God does!” And he got all excited. He said, “we don’t have a picture of God on my page”, and I said “Well, we don’t really know what God looks like.” His reply….”Yes we do, he has long hair and a beard”. And there you have it.

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