God’s been teaching me a lot about prayer lately and I’m currently in a bible study called “Be Still”, which teaches you to take times of silence to just stop and communicate with God. Letting him bring things to your mind to think about or ponder over, as well as not always having to “ask” for things. Its been really eye-opening and has made me realize how much I’ve been missing…..

Its also taught me that we don’t pray just to get an answer, or the answer we want. God has a purpose for everything, and although we may want him to fix something, heal someone, or work out a situation, the fact is, we really don’t have a clue what’s best. I’ve learned just to give it all to him!! And see what happens.

I will tell you though, that I was SOOOOO excited today about a phone call I got. My friend Leslie finished her Master’s this last spring in Occupational Therapy. Its  been quite a road for her, and the road ends with her having to take her Boards to get her certification. She’s been studying for like 2 or 3 months…which I could never do, while taking care of her husband and 1-year-old daughter Ady (Kayla’s BFF).  Well, she took her test last Monday and was freaking out that she wasn’t going to pass it…she got the results, and she PASSED! Congrats Leslie! So happy for her. And couldn’t help but smile knowing that lots of prayers went up to God for that. He cares about everything 🙂

One thought on “Prayer

  1. hey mary! just read your blog for the first time 🙂 thanks for the shout out! and thanks for all the prayers. you’re awesome. Love you

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