Discounts/Online Ordering/Deals :)

So, I’m known to always get some kind of discount, or bargain shopping, and now that I’m a stay at home mom, I’m looking for ways to save money more than ever.

So last night, I had gone to get a haircut (yes finally after a year) and lucky for me, at the haircut place, Cost Cutters, I pull up and Tuesday’s are $10 haircut days (as opposed to $13.95 which is still a deal) and I couldn’t believe it. I also had a $2 coupon (which I forgot to use) but i was amazed at the place, they do an awesome job, and my haircut was WAY cheaper than my husband’s! (who went to a salon) So that’s deal #1.

Then I hop on over to Kohl’s which I never do, but I was actually by myself so I meandered around the store 🙂 Ended up buying a few things for myself, which I haven’t done in a while. Got 3 pairs of flip flops…full price would’ve been $50 total full price, and I spent $14.80. Gotta love that. Basically 70% off.

So I got home, and I’d been searching for some cute sneakers for Dylan, since he has to wear them to preschool everyday. Can’t ever find any I like, but I happened to think of the Children’s Place website. The Adorable shoes I found for him were only $15, which is pretty good compared to some. But, I didn’t order them last night because I was exhausted. So I got on the site this morning, and they weren’t on sale anymore. Back up to $19.50. Mary=ticked 🙂 So I went looking for an online discount code, which I’ve learned to do, by typing in “children’s place discount codes” in Google. Brought me to the same site I’ve used before. Wallah (or Voila as my friend Amber informed me!) there was a 15% off code. Said it expired yesterday, but I tried it today and it worked. My lucky day. Too bad I hadn’t found that yesterday, and gotten the sale on the shoes. But…no complaining here…got a discount! (And I got some jeans for Kayla for $4.99.)

Lesson learned….never pay full price, and always look for codes online when ordering from any website. I’ve found codes for toysrus, hasbro, oldnavy, children’s place, and probably a few more. And, no matter what you’re doing, or going to an appt for, always look for coupons to take with you. Almost any site that you go to, or products you use, you can get some kind of discount.

Thoughts from me for today.

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