Derek’s Birthday

Well, another year has passed and my lovely husband just turned 27. (I’m older than him by like a month) Our wonderful friends Chris and Dawn watched the kiddos so we could go out to eat. Went to a place called BD’s Mongolian Grill. Loved the food…if you ever get to go, its a lot of fun. you load up one bowl with all the raw meat and veggies you want, then pick out your sauce, walk up to a counter, and they put it all together on the grill and “wallah” (sp?) you’ve got your own favorites in a stir fry. Quite yummy. So, we had fun just hanging out. Was a really crappy day weather wise, so there wasn’t really anything fun to do outside. Oh well, guess birthdays just aren’t as fun when you get old. But we are going to have a yummy Dairy Queen Thin Mint Blizzard cake tomorrow on Labor Day. That’ll be nice πŸ™‚ And if you’re wondering what he got for his birthday? The usual…money to put towards a guitar. He needs an acoustic. Gotta love my boy.
Oh, and he got a haircut. I’ll have a pic of that soon. Kayla didn’t recognize him!

One thought on “Derek’s Birthday

  1. Hahaha! First, glad he had a good brithday- second, I was just watchcing My Wife and Kids and the dad pulled a prank on the teenage daughter to catch her in a lie…made a fake invite to a private party for J.Timberlake and made the password to the party “Wallah”. Her friends were like, “What does that mean” and she answered, “it’s French for ‘here it is’… you know like when they’re done cooking they say ‘wallah!'”. So they get to the hotel room where the party is supposed to be and the guy behind the door asks for the password and they yell “Wallah!” and her dad opens the door and takes their picture and said, “Haha- that’s going on the “Wall-a-shame”!
    So long story short I thought it was awesome the way you spelled it b/c I just saw that like 2 minutes ago! It’s spelled “Voila” and actually does translate to “see there” or “there it is”… which I ONLY know b/c I took too many boring years of French…. after which I only remember a handful of words!
    πŸ™‚ Wow that was a long comment. Can you tell Dan has the kids swimming right now? (My allergies are horrible)

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