Sweet little girl

Well, everyone says that girls are made of sugar & spice and everything nice. I don’ t know if its always that way, but I sure enjoy having a little girl. Since Dylan started school this week, I’ve had a lot of time with Kayla and its fun to see all the things she’s learning. Currently she has completely grasped the concept of the following phrases or words: shoes, food, cup, let’s go, night-night, bath, brother, mommy, daddy, hi dad, the phone, spin around, blankie, binky (trying to get rid of!) and a few others. Its amazing to me how repetition can help!

She loves playing with Dylan and certainly has a special little place for Daddy. She gives him hugs and kisses more than anyone else. But its sure fun to see! She likes to run around the house and be chased, as well as reading books. Loves to turn on and off the lights and fans, and has about the cutest little face you’ve ever seen. To sum it all up…I love this little girl!

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