Here we are..

Well folks, I’ve finally taken a step out and joined the world of blogging. I came up with the name of my blog from the fact that I love polka dots, and they seem to represent joy, fun, and little specks of life. So combine that with a play on words from “lots of love”, which I hope to show to other people…well there you have it!!!

I’m always so interesting in what other people are doing, and reading their blogs, that I wanted to start one of my own. And with so much going on now, well, I thought it was about time. So, I’m sure I’ll be obsessed with getting this set up, so check back often for updates on our family. Derek, Dylan, Kayla and soon to join little boy Studt will be featured, of course šŸ™‚ So, welcome…and let the show begin! And please be patient….I’m a little slow at understanding all the fun features!!

2 thoughts on “Here we are..

  1. Okay now I really feel old. This is not only the first time I made a comment on a blog, it’s the first time I’ve been on one. Great photos. I miss you!

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